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Corangamite Shire has partnered with the Department of Planning and Community Development (now the Department of State Development, Business & Innovation) to support local communities to plan and implement improvements to their towns.

The Building Stronger Corangamite Communities project has completed the preparation of community plans for the Shire’s 12 townships. These are plans developed by each local community, for the community, and owned by the local community.

The project has managed and facilitated an inclusive process that helped communities identify local priorities, set short, medium and long term goals and work with the Corangamite Shire Council and other levels of government to achieve them. It  provided structure, support, advice and administrative assistance to communities so that they could come to a consensus about what they value most about where they live and to work towards their preferred future.6a00d8341c500653ef00e54f23d9ea8833-800wi

As well as steering the development of local public assets, events and services, plans made by communities also serve as a decision tool for Corangamite Council to better meet local needs and aspirations. 

The creation of community plans is designed to build capacity within local communities. The process design has relied on making best use of deep local knowledge, talents and skills to scope and implement local projects, and as necessary, to identify opportunities to access funding and other resources to implement priority projects. This includes the establishment of relationships within and beyond communities and working with the Council on an ongoing basis.

There was no one planning model – the project was experimental and communities shaped their own process – however each plan observed some fundamental principles. They were inclusive of as many voices in the community as possible and sought to reflect local demographics, and transparent in the way priorities were identified and decided upon.

All 12 Corangamite townships have completed their Community plans and are working towards implementing priority projects.

The Building Stronger Corangamite Communities project formally concluded on 30 June 2014. Its work continues through a new program concentrating on project implementation and a cycle of plan reviews and updates.