Corangamite Shire

Council Services

Disabled Parking

A disabled parking permit is available for drivers and passengers living in the Corangamite Shire with a permanent or temporary disability.


The decision to grant a disabled parking permit, and the type of permit, will be based on the Doctor's assessment and VicRoads Guidelines.

Temporary permits are available to persons who may be disabled or incapacitated for greater than 6 months.

How to Apply

Download the Application Form or one can be obtained from our offices or you can call 5593 7100 and one will be mailed out to you.  A fee applies for the permit.

Please ensure you complete and sign page 1 and your doctor completes and signs page 2 of the form before you lodge it along with payment.

Permit Renewal

A renewal form will be sent out prior to the expiry of current permits and must be completed and returned with payment for a renewal to be issued.

If you are moving to a new municipality you will need to re-apply for a permit in the new council area.

Lost Permits

If you have lost your current permit contact our offices on 5593 7100 to organise for a replacement.  A fee applies for the permit to be re-issued.

Travelling Interstate

Permits are recognised throughout Australia, however parking concessions may be different in other States/Territories therefore you should check conditions before travelling.