Corangamite Shire

Council Services

Assistance After An Emergency

There are many agencies in Corangamite Shire involved in emergency recovery services including:

St Vincent de Paul - 5593 1122

Provides emergency relief through local agencies in the form of food, clothing, furniture and funds.

Salvation Army - 5561 6792

Responds to people in times of emergency and disaster, providing assistance such as refreshments, meals, clothing, financial aid, accommodation, emergency shelters and counselling

Red Cross - 1800 246 850

Provides personal support, assistance and information to affected individuals.  Red Cross can also provide material aid and personal services to affected individuals.

Victorian Council of Churches - 9650 4511

Provides support, counselling and information to affected persons and communities.

Other agencies providing recovery services to the local area include:

Department of Human Services - 5226 4540

Centrelink - 13 6150