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Neighbourhood Safer Places (NSPs)

A Neighbourhood Safer Place is a place of last resort in a bushfire emergency when all other bushfire plans have failed.

It is a building or open space within a community that may provide some protection from radiant heat, which is the biggest killer during a bushfire.

It is important to remember that NSPs are:

  • Locations that may provide some protection from direct flame and radiant heat, but they do not guarantee safety;
  • Places of last resort that may be designated at a range of different locations, for example recreational reserves, football ovals, streets, car parks, foreshores, tourist centres, and shopping strips. Where a location is approved as an NSP, it is identified with a sign and listed on the CFA website;
  • Not an alternative to planning to leave early or to stay and defend your property; they are a place of last resort if all other fire plans have failed;
  • Located at an existing site and are not a purpose-built location.

A Q & A brochure that addresses some common questions about NSPs is available for download from the CFA website.

Neighbourhood Safer Places in Corangamite Shire

There are currently five NSPs in Corangamite Shire:

  • Timboon - Timboon & District Public Hall, 53 Bailey Street (Map location)
  • Port Campbell - Foreshore Reserve, Cairns Street (Map location)
  • Derrinallum - Derrinallum Park Recreation Reserve, Car Park and North West area of Oval, Hamilton Highway (Map location)
  • Lismore - Lismore Recreation Reserve, Area between two Ovals opposite Heriot Street, Seymour Street, Lismore (Map location)
  • Skipton - Skipton Recreation Reserve, Oval, Smythe Street, Skipton (Map location)