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Eat Well! Move Well! Be Well!

Logo Eat Well Move Well Be WellWhat is Eat Well! Move Well! Be Well! ?

Eat Well! Move Well! Be Well! is an exciting new program that aims to offer health and wellbeing outcomes to the residents of Corangamite Shire. The program replaces Recreation Give it a Go!

The aim of the Eat Well! Move Well! Be Well! program is to increase the number of Corangamite Shire residents involved in recreation, healthy eating and good mental health by encouraging people of all ages and abilities to get involved and promote the benefits of healthy lifestyles.

Eat Well! Move Well! Be Well! is a great opportunity for your club or organisation to:

  • Showcase what your club/organisation has to offer
  • Encourage new participants and members to join your club/organisation
  • Give residents of all ages and abilities the ability to invest in good health and try something new

This restructure aims to give residents the chance to get involved in good health, regardless of the time of year, whilst giving clubs and organisations that operate seasonally an opportunity to be involved.

When is it on?

In 2017, the Eat Well! Move Well! Be Well! program will have a focus week each season:

Summer: 18 February - 25 February Autumn: 6 May - 13 May
Winter: 5 August - 12 August Spring: 21 October - 28 October

Click here to view the calendar of events for the Autumn Program of Eat Well! Move Well! Be Well!

How can my club or organisation get involved?

Expression of interest forms will be sent out prior to each season commencing. Clubs, organisations, schools, businesses and community groups who are keen to host recreation activities or events, health seminars or a health promotion as part of this program are invited to submit an expression of interest.

For further information or to register your email or postal address to receive Eat Well! Move Well! Be Well! communications, please contact Council’s Recreation Development Officer, Lucy Vesey on 5593 7100 or via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.