Corangamite Shire

Council Services

Emergency Management & Relief

In the event of a major emergency, councils have specific roles to assist emergency services. We are legislated to provide available municipal resources and facilities needed by the community and the response agencies.  Assist with the delivery of warnings and public information to the community. Coordinate Relief Centres with the support of humanitarian organisations and maintain the local road network were possible. Municipal councils are also responsible to coordinate relief and recovery activities at a local level after the emergency. This includes arranging shelter, providing personnel support, working with animal organisation to house companion animals, undertake impact assessments and establishing recovery centres and committees.

Media Relations

During an emergency the MERC will arrange regular media briefings and updates.  The following radio stations will provide up to date information about the emergency:

  • 3CS (1134 AM)
  • 3YB (882 AM)
  • 3HA (981 AM)
  • Mixx FM (106.3 FM, 88.9 FM)
  • ABC Radio (594 AM, 1602 AM, 774 AM, 94.1 FM, 107.9FM)
  • Coast FM (95.3)
  • 3BA (102.3)
  • Power (103.1)

SKY NEWS Television, WIN TV and Prime TV will also provide frequent information

Emergency Relief Centres

There are a number of buildings which may be accessed in an emergency as emergency relief centre.  One or more of these buildings may be used as:

  • an evacuation centre
  • emergency accommodation; or
  • emergency relief

If it is deemed necessary to establish as an emergency relief centre, you will be directed to the most appropriate site.

Otway Relief and Recovery Plan

MECC Standard Operating Guidelines

ERC Standard Operating Guidelines