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skateparkCorangamite Shire has permanent skate ramps in Camperdown, Cobden, Port Campbell, Simpson, Terang and Timboon. With the ongoing assistance of local communities and funding from various external sources, these skate parks are maintained for young people in the Shire.



Where can I find my nearest skate park?

CAMPERDOWN - Lawrence Street, Camperdown

The park is a multipurpose facility catering to skaters, skateboarders, BMX cyclists and scooter riders. It provides a street circuit for beginners and a unique experience for the more advanced skaters.

Equipment and Features:
1.5m deep bowl ¾ enclosed with half pipe and roll in
1.2m high launch with roll-in and straight entry into lower flat and 0.8m grind
1.5m upper level with 0.3m rail, 0.4m block and 0.6m high rail down 6 stairs to 0.6m flat
1.50m half pipe
0.40m high grind rail
1.2m jump

The Barwon South Western League Skate, BMX & Scoot Competitions Series commences runs from 2 February to 16 March and includes a round to be held in Camperdown.  For more details, click here.

COBDEN - McKenzie Street, Cobden

Cobden’s Skate Park facility caters to a range of users including Roller Blades, BMX, Skate Boards & Scooters. The park provides opportunities for all skill levels and contains a number of various height components. It is designed to give the beginner a space to learn their craft, but also challenge the more experienced user.

Equipment and Features:
1m deep bowl with ¼ pipe
600mm high bowl ¾ enclosed with ¼ pipe
1.2m upper level with small block leading into bowl, straight entry into lower flat and grind and lower flat and jump
1.1m jump

PORT CAMPBELL - Cnr Lord & Morris Street, Port Campbell

Corangamite Shire with the assistance of the local community and other external sources upgraded an existing steel ramp and a concrete slab with an all age, multi-purpose facility providing for rollerblading, skateboarding and associated activities. The skate park is set within Port Campbell’s public park reserve which houses BBQ’s, tennis courts, a rotunda, a playground, seaside markets (held during the summer months) and public toilets. The facility is located within walking distance to the main shopping precinct in Port Campbell.

Equipment and Features:
1.35m deep bowl ¾ enclosed with half pipe
1.35m roll in to 750mm platform or 450mm high block
Transfer from main launch to 750mm upper deck or 800mm kicker
Upper deck 750mm with block and grind rail
400mm high block
300mm grind rail
1.35m return deck

SIMPSON  - Barramul Street, Simpson

The skate park in Simpson is set in Jaycees Park and is close to BBQ, rotunda, public toilets and a playground. Simpson skate park caters to beginner and intermediate users, whilst providing the more experienced skaters a good area to practice their skills.

Equipment and Features:
250mm high block; 2.4m long
900mm high ½ pipe with ramps
300mm high rail; 2.4 m long

TERANG - Ewing Street, Terang 

A funbox with straight entry to a flat, along with high flats with grind rails, the Terang skate park has a number of components that cater to all skill levels. The skate park is located close to other sporting facilities including the sports stadium, football ground, tennis and netball courts.

Equipment and Features:
1.2m upper level with ¼ pipe transition to flat
1.5m upper level with ¼ pipe and flat bank transition to flat
Funbox with straight entry to flat
600mm high flat with grind rail
1.2m high upper level with ¼ pipe entry down 500mm high level and straight entry to flat
1.5m high fun box with ¼ pipe and flat bank entry to flat
3 stairs with top level 1.2m and grind rail to flat
1.2m high upper level with ¼ entry to flat

TIMBOON - Bailey Street, Timboon

The park in Timboon has been designed to cater for a wide range of ages and abilities and is close to the public toilets and main shopping precinct. It is set at the end of the Rail Trail in pleasant surrounds and a playground is situated nearby.

Equipment and Features:
1.5m deep bowl ¾ enclosed with half pipe and 1.3m and 1m launches
Roll in to 1.2m jump from Main launch to 1m return
1.2m high grind with rail
1.2m Main launch to 800mm deck
400mm high block from 1.5m upper to 1m high deck
400mm ledge to middle deck
1.3m launch to 800 deck with ramp, ledge and grind 

Is there a cost?

No. The skate parks, with the ongoing assistance of local communities and funding from various external sources, are provided to residents and visitors to the Shire free of charge. In return we ask all users to respect others, keep the area clean and act in a safe manner at all times.

Who can use the ramp?

Skateboarders, BMX riders, rollerbladers and scooter riders of all ages and abilities are encouraged to use the ramps. Grab your board, blades or bike and test your skills on your nearest ramp. Ramps are open every day from sun up to sun down.

Are there any safety rules in place?

There is signage at each of the skateparks, up and coming skaters should be accompanied by an adult and all users are encouraged to act in a safe manner and be respectful of fellow skaters at all times. 

Where can I find further information?

For further information contact Recreation Development Officer - Jarrod Woff on 5593 7100 or via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.