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2017 Council Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Council meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7pm, either at the Killara Centre in Camperdown (210-212 Manifold Street, behind the public library) or at a venue in one of the Shire’s five wards. Everybody is most welcome to attend the meetings, which usually end by 9pm.

Meetings consist of hearing reports from Council committees, considering recommendations from Council officers, and making decisions on a range of issues. Any matter that Council is required to consider in confidence will be heard after the public meeting. Matters may be heard in confidence if they meet the criteria established under Section 89 of the Local Government Act 1989; that is if they relate to personnel matters, the personal hardship of a resident or ratepayer, industrial or contractual matters, proposed developments, legal advice, matters affecting the security of Council property, or any other matter which Council considers would prejudice the Council or any person.

Council meeting dates for 2017

Date  Time  Venue  
Tuesday 24 January   7pm   Killara Centre, Camperdown  
Tuesday 28 February   7pm  Killara Centre, Camperdown  
Tuesday 28 March   7pm  Simpson Hub/Recreation Reserve, Simpson
Wednesday 26 April   7pm  Killara Centre, Camperdown  
Tuesday 23 May   7pm  Killara Centre, Camperdown  
Tuesday 27 June   7pm  Killara Centre, Camperdown  
Tuesday 25 July   7pm   Noorat Comunity Centre, Noorat
Tuesday 22 August   7pm  Killara Centre, Camperdown  
Tuesday 26 September   7pm  Derrinallum Hall, Derrinallum
Tuesday 24 October   7pm  Killara Centre, Camperdown  
Tuesday 28 November 7pm Killara Centre, Camperdown
Tuesday 19 December   7pm  Killara Centre, Camperdown  


For Minutes prior to this please contact Council.

Deputations and Presentations to Council

Members of the public may address Council in the Deputations and Presentations section of the meeting if they wish to address the Council on a submission or an issue under Section 223 of the Local Government Act, or if they have requested to address Council on an item in the Agenda and the Mayor has agreed to this.

Requests to address Council in the Deputations and Presentations section of the meeting must be received by 5pm on the day prior to the scheduled Ordinary Meeting of the Council.  Presentations made to Council must not exceed five minutes each, although Councillors may ask questions after each presentation.

To address Council during the Deputations and Presentations section of the meeting, please contact Penny MacDonald on 5593 7113.

Open Forum

If you have a question or statement to make, you may do so at the Open Forum session at the end of each Ordinary Meeting of Council.  At this time the Mayor will ask if there are any questions from the public gallery. Anyone with a question or statement should introduce themselves and then rise to speak.  We encourage questions or statements to not exceed five minutes in length.  If a question cannot be answered at the meeting, we undertake to provide an answer in writing as soon as possible after the meeting.

Visit our Policies page and scroll down to the Governance section to access the Public Participation at Council Meetings policy, or to the Local Laws section if you would like to access our Local Law relating to Processes of Municipal Government (Local Law 3).


  Assistive listening devices are available for Council meetings.