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Time for action

Corangamite Shire Councillors are calling for the State Government to take action on dangerous arterial roads across the Shire.

The Cobden-Port Campbell Road is quickly becoming known as one of the worst in the Shire with deteriorating sections of pavement creating serious safety hazards.

Coastal Ward Councillor Simon Illingworth said it was time the State Government started paying attention to country roads that are their responsibility, before a fatality occurs and lives are changed forever.

“The road shows evidence of heavy braking and near misses with significant skid marks clearly able to be seen on many different sections of the road, particularly at Newfield just north of Port Campbell.

“Only recently I was informed of a serious motorcycle crash along this section of the road. Is it going to take a fatality before we see some action?

“The government is more than happy to commit huge amounts of funding to new roads, tunnels and rail projects in metro Melbourne and marginal electorates across the state, yet they continue to show disrespect for rural residents by failing to maintain their arterial roads to acceptable standards.

“Blood will be on their hands if they don’t act soon and fix the appalling condition of our roads.”

Mayor Jo Beard said that she along with locals and visitors are frustrated by poor signage and lack of communication by the government.

“For over twelve months inadequate signage has been in place along different sections of this road which doesn’t do enough to warn drivers. The temporary treatments are a waste of money and only a band aid approach to a problem that continues to get worst.

“There is no way people in Melbourne would put up with a road in this condition so why should we have to. We deserve better and it is time for action from the State Government.”

The Cobden-Port Campbell Road is a key tourist route with many of the 2.6 million annual visitors to the iconic Twelve Apostles driving west along the Great Ocean Road, then travelling north from Port Campbell and back to the Princes Highway.

Councillor Illingworth continued that with so much talk about upgrading tourism infrastructure along the Great Ocean Road, surely the condition of a key tourist route needed to be maintained to a satisfactory standard.

“Putting up signs and completing temporary treatments has clearly not worked so it is time for a major funding announcement from the State Government for our roads.

“State Government maintained roads across the Corangamite Shire need a $55 million investment just to bring them back to an acceptable standard and this figure is only going to increase unless something is done soon.

“The situation is a disgrace and I call on the State Government to stop playing games and fix their roads in the Corangamite Shire.”